Advansys will present its full range of Advanced Casino Management System (CMS) solutions for slot machines and table games at the next BEGE Expo held in October, on booth # 40-05.

After more then three years of extensive development of new generation CMS based on 10 years experience achieved on 25 different countries all over the world we lounched on the market Nexio, The Ultimate CMS, in end 2013. Nexio was created with a vision to deliver to our customers advanced solutions for improved management of casino floor by enhanced profitability, increased players entertainment and retention. Available supreme management analytics supports casino management in responding faster and deciding smarter. Nexio CMS is also tested and certified according to GLI standards.


Advansys is showing an important growth and move forward in delivering quality, comprehensive and price competitive products in gaming. Advansys is well known for its outmost 24/7 support and recognized as trusted proffessional. Small business casinos or grand casinos with thousant slots and houndred of tables can be easily managed and gain advantages by increased revenue and costs optimiziation. As two system generations are now available, customers can now choose from both CMS: FloorScanner – the bullet proof CMS or Nexio – the ultimate CMS. CMS are sure becomming today a must be. 


We are welcoming BEGE visitors to stop at our booth and experience Nexio!